We strive to meet every family's need, from 9 large TV's to an arcade for the kids, we want to make everyone happy.


Since we are a family restaurant, let us tell you about our family and the history of Mark and Monica's Family Pizza! Mark and Monica Brooks are California natives who grew up together in Los Altos, California. In September of 1986 they were married! They moved to Carmichael the following February to open up the first Mountain Mike's Pizza in the Sacramento area.

Through a lot of hard work, they began to grow the business. As the business began to bloom, so did their family. They brought two wonderful children into the world, Ryan and Lauren, who were both raised at the pizza parlor. After 5 years as Mountain Mike's, they decided to go independent and use their own recipes and concepts. Mark and Monica's Family Pizza was born! As the years passed, the children grew and Mark and Monica opened up two more pizzerias in the greater Sacramento area, one in Granite Bay and another in Lincoln with continued success. At the same time, they reached out to the local community by sponsoring kids' sports teams and making donations to schools and churches, being a staple in the community for famous fundraisers!

In February 2009, Monica was diagnosed with cancer. They scaled back the business to focus on the original Mark and Monica's so they could spend more time together as a family. Although we lost Monica too soon that September, she still remains in our hearts and in this family pizzeria forever.

In October 2013, Mark and Monica's was devastated with a terrible fire. The patio was burned with severe smoke and water damage to most of the building. Luckily, the fire happened during closed business hours and no one was hurt. During the process of the remodel, Mark decided to step down so he can focus on fulfilling his bucket list. A couple years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He recently had radiation treatment to his eye socket, his cancer has progressed aggressively spreading into different bones throughout his body. The next generation, Mark and Monica's daughter, Lauren Brooks and niece, Kelly Kann, along with her husband Joe are going to be partners to carry on Mark and Monica's legacy in the community. The Kann family moved out to Sacramento across country from Westfield, Indiana with their three wonderful children Brooklynn, Brady, and Jackson. The kids will now be raised at the pizzeria just like Lauren!

Almost a year after the fire, they completed the remodel with a fresh new look! They added on two new party rooms and two huge bathrooms. They were able to save most of the sports memorabilia as well as the original booths and many other items. I hope you enjoyed our family story! Please come by with your family for the same family friendly atmosphere and same great pizza!

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All our staff is driven by an all-consuming passion to create delicious food and extend impeccable service. If you have what it takes, let's discuss employment opportunities.


One thing we've learned in all the years of running our restaurant is that no two guests are the same. We can customize the dining experience for  anyone who walks through our doors.